Mitchellville General Baptist Church
"Blue Door"
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In 1886, a small group of General Baptist decided to build a church.  With little money and a lot of faith, a 32 ft. X 32 ft. square building was completed on two acres of donated land.  It is believed that enough paint was obtained to paint the front door blue, thus giving our church the nickname of "Blue Door". 
The early 1950's brought about the need for a larger building.  The congregation raised strawberries in order to earn money for construction cost.  They earned over $9,000 for the project and were able to pay off the entire $25,000 in two years. 
Since that time, the church has added onto the front and back of that stucture leaving us with a nice sized brick building.  We have also recently purchased 10 acres of adjoining land and completed a new fellowship hall in which we are extremely proud.  The parsonage has been converted to an education building complete with Sunday school rooms and a library, and our parking lot has been extended. 
We, the members of Mitchellville General Baptist Church, with much humbleness, thank God for this church and give the Lord all the credit for it's existence

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